The Bear won big at the Emmys – below is Canadian chef and breakout character actor Matty Matheson at the podium. Most of the cast was present, including the supporting players. Jon Bernthal, who plays Mikey, was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series and I didn’t seem him in any photos. I also didn’t see him post about it. But Jon should not have been in the comedy category. His character is quite tragic and the dinner scene with Bob Odenkirk was a masterclass of trauma and toxicity. There’s an entire argument that The Bear should not be in any comedy categories, but that’s for another day. 


Jon is also in Origin, which has buzz and just had a screening with Angelina Jolie. Twitter thirsts over him. He signed to CAA in 2022 so maybe there’s a long term plan in place for his career but right now, it feels like he’s working on very hyped projects but is not part of the conversation. That could also be a conscious choice because he’s definitely not trying to get papped or walk every red carpet. Maybe he’s saving up the goodwill for when he really wants to make a run at an award. Or maybe he really isn’t it that part of the game. He runs his Instagram like the neighbourhood dad who always has garage door open while he’s working on a never-ending project and is kind of a prick about parking in front of his house but will also lend you his pick-up truck when you need to move a couch.


Jenna Dewan announced her pregnancy today via Romper and she looks really great. 


Big reunion announcement for Coachella – No Doubt. I love this, I love No Doubt and I’m excited to see Gwen as the lead singer of a band again. First comes Coachella, then comes a tour? Or a Vegas residency. 


Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are way past Adam’s mini scandal. What happened to Sumner Stroh, the woman who posted some DM’s and said they had an affair for a year? She’s a singer now. I don’t think she ever confirmed they met in person and she didn’t post any more receipts (maybe she doesn’t have them or maybe she was motivated to not post them). There was no allegation of misconduct or avalanche of more allegations that followed, it was just Adam being a douche to his pregnant wife. So he was able to ride it out, a small speedbump. If he hadn’t asked to use Sumner’s name, it would have been a non-story. 


Lorne Michaels said Tina Fey could “easily” take over SNL (if she would even want that kind of grinding job) but also said there’s many people there now who could do it. So basically he’s Logan Roy. Does this make Tina Fey the Kendall? Who is Lorne’s number one boy?

Attached: Jon snapping selfies with a fan in NYC back in November.