I wish Dolly had a lifestyle line with candles and throw pillows. She does have a theme park, which is way cooler than tote bags (and don’t think she doesn’t know it).  


Last night, Chrissy Teigen hosted the Fake News Awards. Fake Tapper was there (or was he?) and Chrissy wore Jean-Paul Galliano. 











Between September and December of 2017, Beyoncé gave us a lot to look at on Instagram. She has yet to post this year. Does this mean something?


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When American Crime Story: The Assassination of Versace series was first announced, I thought Gaga would play Donatella. She is a Ryan Murphy favourite and there’s a slight physical resemblance. I was way off. But I wonder if it was ever up for discussion.  


I was slow to start Stranger Things 2 because of the mixed reviews, but I have been pleasantly surprised by Paul Reiser. This of course led me to check on what is happening with Mad About You a reboot is in the works. Remember how great their apartment was? So spacious and grown-up. 


Was she even partying in the USA or did Miley lie about that, too?


Jewel is promoting her growing lifestyle brand, one she says is more about consciousness than consumerism. Her particular area of focus is bringing mindfulness to corporations through a program called Whole Human, which focuses on the physical and emotional aspects of employee well-being. I’ve also heard of some companies that help their employees’ well-being by providing a livable wage, benefits and parental leave. 


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When most people are nominated for an award, they say something boring like, “It’s an honour just to be nominated.” For Liam, the thrill is spirited competition with Potato.