Armie Hammer continues to make all kinds of interesting decisions. He apologized to the real Miss Cayman for identifying a woman as “Ms. Cayman” on his Finsta (she was in lingerie on all fours). He released the statement to the Cayman Compass, which makes me think there was some pressure as he is a guest on the island. Unless he holds a passport, they don’t have to let him in next time, do they? He also said the image was “stolen” from his Instagram. Sorry Armand, that’s not how it works. Even on a private account we all know there’s no privacy on social media. He’s being completely obtuse by framing this as a “privacy” issue.  And if you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend the EJ Dickson piece in Rolling Stone, which features the expertise of Empress Wu, a dominatrix with a cannibal fetish. Her explanation of what BDSM is and why Armie’s DMs violate consent is as straightforward as it gets.


Romeo Beckham has dabbled in modeling before (he was the star of a Burberry campaign in his tweens) and this is his first cover – L’Uomo Vogue. It’s a good look, a broody teen in a rich (in every sense of the word) sweater. Romeo also plays football– another arm of the family business.

I haven’t yet watched Promising Young Woman but I have enjoyed reading everything on Promising Young Woman (including that ending). But it’s time that we, as a society, acknowledge an overdue truth: "Stars Are Blind" is a bop. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me.


So many birthday wishes for Kate Moss, the legend. Can you imagine what kind of fun she and Courtney Love can get into together? (Here's Courtney's NSFW post for her.) And Naomi, of course they are ride or die. 


Another day, another debate about JLo’s skin. Lainey and I have both written about this extensively (this one on pap photos makes all the points) and I know every time I do, someone writes in to tell me it’s not JLo – it’s makeup, it’s a filter, it’s the lighting. All important things! But in addition to all that, I’m standing firm that this woman has beautiful skin. There’s a debate raging in her comments after someone accused her of getting Botox. So here is the debate: if a celebrity does get “help” (be lasers or medical facials or PRP, which I love), is she doing a disservice to women by setting an impossible standard? Or is the problem that we demand youthfulness and they are just giving us what we expect? And if we are going to talk about it, then why isn’t someone like Brad Pitt, who would get as much help as JLo (if not more!), expected to dish on his skincare regimen?

Lainey wrote about Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s new photos this morning and they continue to show us the good life. This is my favourite tweet on it so far – next week they could be frolicking in a spring meadow or jumping into a pile of golden leaves.


This is not a spoiler because it’s been everywhere but I’ll still say it’s a spoiler for The Masked Dancer- are you ready? LAST CHANCE…..





Elizabeth Smart was revealed as a contestant. True crime meets pop culture in the most, um, interesting way.