Katie Holmes is starring in an off-Broadway production of The Wanderers and she is showing up and showing out with lots of media appearances and stylish outfits. Fashion is part of the work but, considering it’s an Off-Broadway show and not a film, I wonder how the budget works when there’s no studio to cover it. Is she paying for her own stylist, hair, makeup etc.? It’s a significant cost, even with designers lending clothes. 


She has made fashion part of her work for a long time and I would love to see her do a retrospective on her most famous looks. (She was pioneer of the boyfriend jean – her publicist used to claim they were Tom’s jeans. If that was true, why would Katie need to cuff them? They would have already been short on her.)


In today’s “the internet was a mistake” news, a person commented on Christina Applegate’s appearance, accusing her of having plastic surgery. Clearly the commenter is an outlier and a troll and as Christina acknowledges, this is why “never read the comments” is good advice. 


Onto another discussion about how people talk about celebrity bodies: Ozempic. If you’ve missed all the conversation about Ozempic, it’s a drug used to treat diabetes that some celebrities and influencers allegedly use for weight loss. Over the years, there have been many of these treatments, from intravenous diets to some kind of hormonal injection that is supposed to mimic a pregnancy hormone. There’s so much ickiness here because talking about people’s bodies and weights is gross but there’s also a kind of deception involved in upholding this sh-tty system and it is perpetuated by famous women. In the early aughts, it was packaged as “I eat all the fries!” and thinness was seen as a natural state. The evolution of wellness introduced other buzzwords – cleansing, fasting, “clean eating.” Pharmaceutical or surgical intervention for weight loss is still very taboo. And the bigger problem of course is that thinness is still so ingrained in all forms of media.


Jessica Chastain is booked and busy, announcing she’s returning to Broadway. This will be a very hot ticket and the fourth photo in the album… lots of feels. 


Maybe I Do is new rom-com starring Emma Roberts and she is again working with Luke Bracey (from Holidate) and some parent-swapping hijinks ensue. People of a certain age will be excited that Richard Gere is playing Emma’s dad because of the obvious familial connection. It’s also a relief to see them playing father/daughter and not husband/wife.