Over the holidays I read Celeste Ng’s newest book, Little Fires Everywhere. I absolutely love her work. Celeste posted this exchange with her mother on Instagram, and a lot of people didn’t get it. Their parent must not be immigrants. If I told my mom I had a NYT best selling book she’d say oh that’s nice and then move on to more important topics of discussions, like where she found rapini on sale. 

 I’d be all for a streaming service picking this show up today.


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Ambidextrous people freak me out more than this. It’s basically a superpower. 

 Nick Jonas wants you to notice… the Yankees hat hanging in the background. 



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On the night of the Golden Globes, I learned that many women on Twitter have it hard for Andy Samberg. I’m kind of perplexed but I also kind of get it. 

Soleil Moon Frye wants a Punky Brewster reboot, with her daughter Jagger in the starring role. I always find it interesting when former child stars allow their children to enter the business at a young age. It’s the family business (Soleil’s husband is a producer), sure. But how many 11-year-olds work at the family business? It just seems young, regardless of the industry. 


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 A few years back, Gerard Butler hooked up with one of the (now former) Real Housewives, the one involved in the dollar store Brange love triangle with Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes. He was asked about it on WWHL (because Andy Cohen is a master) and cringed. She did not take kindly to his recollection of events. He’s gross. She’s gross. Each party has different reasons to be embarrassed. If this was Hook Up Court, the damages would be 50/50.

 Did you know there’s a YouTube talk show centered around hot wings called, Hot Ones? It has dozens of episodes, so it’s definitely not new. I love hot food, I want my eyes to water when I eat hot wings. But maybe that’s because I’ve never really been challenged? In the latest episode, Taraji likes her sauce at the Louisiana level but she’s very game to try new things. She eats and laughs and talks about making chili for Mary J. Blige. If you’re heading to the movies this weekend, Sarah said Taraji is great in Proud Mary. (Thank you Aimee!)