Rob Lowe is on the cover of PEOPLE this week, a safe January cover after a tumultuous few weeks in celebrity news. Rob has been around the block several times and I seriously wonder what would happen if the sex tape scandal happened today. He hasn’t hidden from it (it’s covered in his book) so it’s not a denial thing, but just how would the story play out in today’s media landscape? 


The Hills: New Beginnings was a flop and my theory on that is reality TV audiences are all about forward movement, not nostalgia. Selling Sunset now has the dead-eyed hypnotic magic The Hills had, with Chrishell as Lauren and Christine the Heidi/Kristen Cavallari character. (Creator Adam DiVello worked on both Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Selling Sunset.) Maintaining reality stardom is tricky because they know they are famous, but celebrities don’t generally make for good reality TV because it screws up the ecosystem. The “character” takes over the real person and the fans can smell it. Even when shows are as contrived and plotted as The Hills and Selling Sunset, there’s a contract between the cast and the audience to suspend disbelief. When the stars are winking at the camera, it doesn’t work. 


Charlie Puth has a new single coming out so he’s wiped his Instagram except for one teaser, just as Vogue posted this new video of him. I love the pink floral set but there’s no designer or stylist credit. This drives me nuts — it’s a fashion magazine with no fashion.


Is Killing Eve ever coming back? Do we care that much? I think I would watch but it feels like a lifetime since the last season aired. 

I don’t know if I’m ready for another round of Lena Dunham discourse on Twitter. It’s exhausting. 


Tennis is not my sport, but my kids take lessons and are much older than Olympia and do not hit like this. So smooth and strong. She’s only four years old! You know what’s so great about this little snippet? It’s not just Serena praising Olympia’s talent, but her work ethic. The practice.