Salma Hayek will be doing press for Magic Mike’s Last Dance and she makes a lot of public appearances, in part because of her husband’s work (he is the CEO of fashion mega-corp Kering). She’s a movie star so she would never have a problem with access to clothes but being married to the de facto owner of so many brands (like Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen) means she’s picking from a massive catalogue. She often favours Gucci like she did at the recent Golden Globes but I would like to see her mix it up – maybe some vintage McQueen?  


Speaking of Magic Mike, do you remember that he had a girlfriend in the first movie? Cody Horn was not in the sequel, nor was her on-screen brother (played by Alex Pettyfer, who did not gel with Channing). But there’s zero bad blood – she and Channing worked together on his Sparkella book as well as his movie Dog. Looks like she’s pivoted away from acting and is now a “literary producer” and film producer. Her father is Alan Horn, former COO (and current consultant) at Warner Brothers and former chairman of Walt Disney Studios, so that helps.


Lainey posted about her haircut and you know who else got a refreshing chop? Busy Philipps. This length with the pink looks really good. 


The LA Times has an interesting story about “the blogs” – these are the Bravo fan sites, parody sites and podcasts that create the memes, post recaps and report the breaking news. But the role of bloggers has evolved – many have a direct line to Housewives and the ear of fans, which gets complicated because network decisions appear to consider all these online opinions. Sometimes, the blogs are the storyline and the social media story pulls focus from the actual TV show. It’s an interesting dynamic. 


Netflix released a super mega teaser for some of its 2023 movies and TV shows – a highlight for me was Julia Roberts. A movie star among mortals!