How could New Year’s Eve be complete without a Happy New Year greeting from Choupette? For those of you who live in Paris and can afford to sleep 8 hours a night, Choupette has shared her 2018 resolutions. She wants to take up boxing and walk the runway. Wait. She hasn’t done that already?  


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I haven’t been to the gym this year. Am planning on going this afternoon. Totally forgot about the fact that the gym is going to be mental this week. I’m lucky though. People don’t take pictures of themselves at my gym. But they also don’t wipe off their equipment. And it’s always the heavy sweaters. 

This is familiar – New Year’s Eve, squatting in an alley, bottle in hand. Only in my case, in my 20s, I wasn’t as warmly dressed. For the last two weeks, I’ve yet to wear anything but sweatpants. It’s been glorious. 


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Mindy Kaling, like the rest of us, appreciates Michael Shannon’s particular talents: 

So when Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James get together for New Year’s, it’s actually kind of what happens at your house: lip-synching. Only they’re much better looking and much, much taller. 


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I saw Jumanji and, I’m sorry, I loved it. I laughed so much more than I thought I would. Why am I apologising? It was exactly the right time for year for that kind of movie. You don’t want to think too hard because you’ve eaten too much. And it’s two hours of pure delight and you get to go home and eat some more, what’s the problem? Jumanji is doing big business at the box office. Which means The Rock ended 2017 on a win. He also, because he’s The Rock, started 2018 with a workout before heading to China. Where the Jumanji box office will get even bigger. 


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It’s a new year and My Obsession is still kissing. This is the reassurance I needed. 


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