I’ve been watching Yellowstone on Amazon Prime and it’s highly confusing because the acting is so uneven. Wes Bentley is great and Kevin Costner has that movie star gravitas but then there are these overwrought, completely ridiculous characters that seem like they should be on another show entirely. And it has a Charlie Hunnam/Sons of Anarchy issue in Luke Grimes. He is so hot. Like, insanely hot. But no one ever acknowledges how hot he is and it’s distracting. (Interestingly, like Charlie, he also doesn’t look as good on red carpets as he does on the screen.) 


You know what’s so funny about Cardi not having her driver’s license? She owns several cars, including a Rolls Royce that Offset bought her. As she told James Corden, she bought them to pose with and she doesn’t do that in the showroom because that would be being an imposter. Cardi is 28 so of course there’s still time – I learned to drive in my 30s but I’m admittedly pretty bad at it and hate driving. If I wanted McDonald’s at 4 am, I think I would order, even with the option of driving there. (She could have woken up her driver but she’s not an asshole.)


He tweeted twice after this. 

It’s been reported that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are panicking about their post-White House prospects on the social scene. As I’ve written before, I would love to believe it but I do think they will be welcomed back by many because, even at their peak vileness, their famous friends have stayed mum on them. They are likely working on shoring up those relationships behind the scenes and while they won’t be at the Met Gala, there are no photographers at the dinner parties. But first things first: Ivanka would need to wipe the MAGA from her Instagram. How long until she starts to rebrand away from the red hat? I give it a week.


Armie Hammer dropped out of the JLo movie and Josh Duhamel might be taking over the role. Because of JLo, this will be a high-profile project so if Josh does secure it, that’s a big win for him. I think the biggest question, as it should be, is the chemistry with her leading man – absolutely key for this kind of action/rom-com genre. Before Armie, Ryan Reynolds was attached. Several sliding doors at play here.

They are casting Willy Wonka again and Tom Holland and Timmy Chalamet are up for it. They seem too young, I think? Also, there are other men in Hollywood!


This is a valid question: Kathy Griffin remembers exactly who stuck up for her and who threw her under the bus. The Kardashians kept her on their Christmas party invite list. Seinfeld said it was one bad joke and everyone needs to move on. Jim Carrey said crossing the line was part of comedy. Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper were not supportive. For months, she received death threats and hate mail, so she took her act overseas. Here’s a story from 2018 for a refresher.

It’s the use of “untoward” that kills me. The perfect description for his expression.