You know how sometimes a star-studded cast can flop? On paper the chemistry should be amazing but in practice, things don’t work. I bring this up because a new Apple TV+ show, The After Party, has the makings of a great comedy: it’s about a murder at a high school reunion after party. It stars some very funny people, including Sam Richardson, Ilana Glazer, Ike Barinholtz, John Early, Zoe Chao Ben Schwartz and Tiffany Haddish. Dave Franco plays a douchebag. It checks a lot of boxes but the preview feels very flimsy. I wonder if it’s just a poorly cut trailer?


This neon Girls Girls Girls sign is very retro. I can see why Jamie Dornan is excited. 

Andy Cohen’s talk show WWHL was renewed and no one is happier than Jerry O’Connell. He celebrated with a Housewives-heavy monologue. In 2018, he hosted a short-lived talk show on Bravo called “Play by Play” and while I appreciate his fandom, I think part of the reason it didn’t work is because Andy Cohen is the only man allowed in the Housewives kingdom. In this world, men come and go. They aren’t integral to the drama. Everything is focused on women, and husbands learn quickly that they are there to observe and support, not participate. They are to keep their opinions to themselves or the fans will demolish them. It can take years for an audience to warm up to a husband. 


The Anthony Ramos breakup story passed pretty quickly, except on DeuxMoi. There are still lots of tips being sent in about it but he’s not at the fame tipping point yet that it translates to US Weekly headlines. 


This is a hill I will die on: positioning Dakota Johnson as a “star” of The Social Network is rewriting history. We have to be honest with ourselves here because this is a lie. She had a small part, which there’s no shame in as she was just starting out. Did she even have a scene with Andrew Garfield? (And no one is surprised by the Jesse Eisenberg anecdote. He seems like he’d be very intense on set.)


I’m not delving into the new Lena Dunham profile in The Hollywood Reporter, people smarter than me will get to it. But I do need to point out that the timeline is extremely horny for Jon Berenthal, a character actor on the cusp of becoming a full-blown household name star.