This commercial has a better plotline than both Sex and the City movies. 


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My only exposure to Cats is through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – this season, Rebecca admitted to hating Cats (both the animal and the musical). In a recent episode, Rebecca got a yeast infection from a combination of vigorous spinning and polyester leggings, then overcorrected with medication and developed bacterial vaginosis. The whole thing is narrated by a series of felines (fun fact: CW wouldn’t let them use the word “pussy”), including one played by Todrick Hall who, as we know, is a long-time friend of Taylor Swift). Do you think Taylor would appreciate the parody? I do not. 


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Celeste Ng is one of my favourite writers and I am so super excited for Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon’s adaption of Little Fires Everywhere. Yesterday, Celeste casually dropped some info about her first novel, Everything I Never Told You (which I found beautiful and crushing). And you know what really puts this news over the top? Juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa as a reluctant housewife with dreams of an education and career. 



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Vogue has a new series in which strangers can ask Anna Wintour a question (because even legacy publications need viral videos). The first one is about Meghan Markle and the answer is interesting – she cites Meghan’s work ethic while taking a dig at the royal household who complained about her schedule. If anyone can appreciate texting staffers at 5 am, I imagine it’s Anna Wintour. 


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In her coverage of the Oscar nominations this morning, Sarah wrote: “The 2018 Oscars can do what the 1989 Oscars didn’t and recognize Spike Lee as one of the best American filmmakers working today.” You know who did recognize it? Kim Basinger. I had never seen this clip before today. 

One of the biggest eye-rolls of award season is when celebs say they were “sleeping” and their publicist called them to tell them about a nomination. Give me this – “levitating” – over the faux humbleness any day. Because he’s actually much more humble and gracious about his nomination than someone who pretends that they are above the excitement.

Attached - Anna Wintour at the Australian Open yesterday.