David Beckham joined Victoria in New York for the launch of her Reebok line. David is closely tied with Adidas (which owns Reebok) and I would think this is a strategic move on their part to each have their own brand collaborations, but under the same umbrella. As the UK tabloids insist that David is moving further away from Victoria, his business interests (like his role with Kent & Curwen and as ambassador of the British Fashion Council) actually aligns them quite nicely. Together, they’ve been building relationships with fashion houses and editors. Brand Beckham continues.


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Jay Leno was on WWHL and who knew he was so dishy? The drama surrounding the beginning and end of his Tonight Show tenure was so at odds with his style of hosting but even now, looking back on what transpired, he’s a network guy. He was able to be what NBC wanted and needed out of a host. Also, he’s right about Howard Stern. Great interviewer. 


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I’m curious if in the marketing for this film they considered the word “hustle” and how the meaning of it has slightly shifted. “Hustler” has been embraced by meme feminism as a woman who works a lot of side jobs (and probably drinks her coffee out of Boss Bitch mug she bought on Etsy). If we are talking about being a con artist, scammer seems to be the more zeitgeisty choice. 


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Bradley Cooper missed out on a Best Director nomination, but the campaign for A Star Is Born continues. I noticed this fluff piece in PEOPLE about Bradley, positing that “he’s a changed person” since having a daughter. The problem with this vague narrative, Brad the Dad, is that it assumes we know Bradley Cooper on a personal level. We never have; not before he had a child and not now. He guarded himself from Taffy Brodesser-Akner (why would you agree to sit down with Taffy if not to tell her something?) and as Kayleigh Donaldson from Pajiba notes, his movie makes a lot of money, he works the room like a pro, and yet he remains purposefully unknowable. He has the charm deficit of Leonardo DiCaprio and the robotic movie star smile of Tom Cruise.


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“Who’s this?” – Noel Gallagher


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