Gigi and Bella’s mom’s new reality show, Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid, starts this week, so she’s been talking about how she prepared three children for the business. One rule was not letting them work full-time until they were 18. Another is telling them that “there are a million girls out there who are as beautiful as you and deserve success as much as you do.” I’ve also watched Growing Up Supermodel (seriously it’s beyond trash) and many of those kids are constantly told how special and worthy they are, how a modeling career is inevitable because they grew up in and around the right city with the right people. Maybe Yolanda should be coaching those parents. 


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Jesse Williams and his wife continue to hash out their custody issues, including a problem with him introducing his children to his new girlfriend (Minka Kelly, or someone else?) and him bringing cupcakes to school on his daughter’s birthday, a no-no. My sons’ school has the same policy – no in-class birthday party or treats (which is fine by me, I don’t need to pretend to have baked cupcakes). But if I can dig deeper a bit, I think the issue here isn’t that he brought the cupcakes, it’s that he didn’t know enough about his daughter’s class not to bring the cupcakes, you know?


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I dislike “ring watch” almost as much as bump watch but apparently Kate Hudson is wearing one on that finger. Looking at her history, she and Chris Robinson moved in together after just a few days and were married within a year. She and Matthew Bellamy were engaged for a few years but never married. So she’s had short and long engagement periods – I wonder which she prefers?


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As Lainey has said, Diane and Norman are basically official. But I wonder if his fandom, which can be very “passionate,” is holding her back. The comments on her Instagram are starting to get messy and I don’t think it’s Diane Kruger or Joshua Jackson stans doing it.


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Comedian Megan Amram (who is the best on Twitter) has a friend who worked on The Snowman. I wish I could get one for Sarah

In the Peele/Peretti household, the Oscar nomination and their baby sleeping through the night are equally exciting right now. 


This baby meth-making suit is actually very cute. 


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More POC reporters are speaking up about being denied spaces and opportunities on the red carpet. And it’s not necessarily where the outlet is based – some say that a white reporter from a Chinese outlet has a better chance at getting an interview than a Chinese interviewer from an America-based outlet. This I think falls on the studios and their publicists – and it’s somewhere celebrities can make a huge impact by both recognizing it and being aware of who they stop for on the press line. Yong Chavez, a California-based reporter, was denied a spot at The Assassination of Gianna Versace premiere and Darren Criss stepped in to email the publicist. (And this isn’t just about international outlets – Jaleesa Lasha asked Sterling K. Brown about the press room at the SAGs. Not everyone is Sterling K. Brown – some actors would not have appreciated or wanted to answer in their winning moment, but he gave a thoughtful and honest answer.)