Be right back, my eyes rolled out of my head.


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You think they would have used a photo of Prince Harry for this, no? I’d even understand Ed Sheeran. 


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While many of us have gone off Noah Centino, Shawn Mendes remains a thirst nugget we depend on. 


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Is this pieces or a full wig? I can never tell, but I guess that means it’s done well. 


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I’ve watched the Russian Doll trailer several times now and loving the dark Groundhog Day-meets-Life After Life story


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You guys, should I review this book? It’s about a rich (obviously) British man named Maxim and the woman he desires, Alessia (EL didn’t stray too far from Anastasia there, did she). 


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You’ve heard about the gender reveal lasagna right? You cut into it and the cheese is blue or pink, because there is no way things can get dumber in 2019. The thing I find interesting about gender reveal parties is that people on social media fall into two camps when talking about it: those who think gender reveals are fun and adorable, and those who think they are over-the-top and heteronormative bullsh-t. Kate Hudson had a big balloon gender reveal, but in a recent interview with PEOPLE, Kate Hudson talked about having a genderless approach to raising her daughter. This photo below has tons of comments from people who are offended by the word “genderless” - but how many of those same people were liking and congratulating her for having a girl? I’m guessing there’s some overlap there. 


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