I’m just getting into Euphoria and like Anastasia, I love following along on social media. But I do have a quibble! Adults-playing-teens is a TV tradition, so I get that a lot of the actors are in their early-to-mid 20s. Considering the content and nudity, that makes sense. The only one who takes me out of it is Maude Apatow, who looks older than her character. She does not read as a teenager in spirit. 


The Rock has made two announcements on social media: one is a movie with Chris Evans and the second is the monster sales of his tequila brand, Teremana. He compares it George Clooney’s Casamigos and while they say comparison is the thief of joy, does that hold true when the comparison is positive? As with all celebrity spirit brands (all of them, no exceptions), the goal is to sell to the highest bidder down the road, not to create a company. It’s to create a commodity. Expect Teremana to announce a sale or “partnership” very soon. 


Yesterday I posted about Cheryl Hines and after that, she addressed her husband’s remarks on Twitter. At first she just responded to a tweet but then she followed up with a standalone statement. It’s very clearly worded. And yet… he’s been a known anti-vaxxer long before COVID (remember when Jessica Biel went to lobby lawmakers with him in 2019?) and has made money on the speeches circuit, trading on his name. His opinions are not surprising. Ultimately, I do not think this will affect Cheryl’s career or her standing on Curb Your Enthusiasm. As I said to Lainey, Larry David, who is deeply selfish and yet values manners above all else (remember when he had to get the KKK costume dry cleaned because he spilled coffee on it?) could turn this into a storyline. Like Larry meets the most life-changing golf coach, who happens to be a flat earther or QAnon insurrectionist. If it improves Larry’s short game, he would roll with it. 


Motherhood takes you to places that you didn’t think were possible, and that’s how Madonna ended up at Six Flags for Mercy’s 16th birthday. Watching that short clip of Mercy joking about herself in the third person, “she’s like live, laugh, love-ing” – there’s a seed of her big sister Lola’s cheekiness there, no?  It’s very cute (although a 16 year old might not want to be called cute). Madonna’s children are well-rounded (they dance, play instruments, paint, play sports) and were not raised in LA around the children of other famous people. Lola has decided to become famous and I wonder which of the other children will follow in those footsteps and which will run in the other direction. We hear a lot about famous-last-name-children but we never hear about the ones who become accountants or computer programmers.