Sandra and Madonna (and Debi Mazar, Madonna’s longtime friend)! You know who this made me think of? Ingrid Casares. Madonna’s Miami years. I couldn’t find Ingrid on Instagram, but I did find this. 


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“You think you're crazy? I'll show you crazy. Just try me, bitch.” – Beyoncé in Obsessed. 

I have a wedding to go to next month and I was shopping for an outfit and this came up in my search. I hate this dress so much, it’s not even quantifiable. 


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Lindsay Lohan has wiped her Instagram, leaving only this photo. Could she be back in the US to do Celebrity Big Brother? It starts soon.


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Kanye looks downright chipper these days.


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Mark Wahlberg was a big part of the pay disparity discussion a few weeks ago. And I wonder if that worked in his PR favour, because there was another story floating around – one having to do with his workout regimen – that he denied to TMZ. And now he’s promoting his line of “natural workout supplements” with absolutely zero blowback from the steroids story. 


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Taryn Manning told the paps she was upset her SAG gown only cost a few hundred dollars. It sounds like she felt like she was played by her stylist and resentful of the free press the designer was getting, but I think it’s a bit of ego, too. “Every artist dreams of wearing couture on a red carpet if given the opportunity.” Sure, but the top tier designers are not giving out dresses worth tens of thousands of dollars to every actress on the red carpet. It’s a combination of relationships, connections and generating enough press to justify the freebie. There is of course a whole way around this game – buy your own dress. Then you’ll know exactly how much it costs.


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Jack Antonoff and Lorde have sent their “sources” to US Weekly to clear up a rumour that they are dating. And curiously, the very same day a story was buried on US Weekly, Lena Dunham’s ‘Friends and Family are Relieved’ about Jack Antonoff Breakup. Both Jack and Lena are trying to get in front of something – but what? And is Lorde just caught in the crosshairs, or was Kathleen onto something?


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I mean, what did I tell you.


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