Cardi B. has won big in her libel suit against a blogger who made up a bunch of harmful stuff about her (read about the judgement here). It’s much harder to sue for libel in the US than it is the UK, so this victory is pretty clear-cut. What do you think she wants to talk to Megan Markle about? They both have one big thing in common now: not putting up with the outright lies.


Is it my imagination or has Jason Mamoa deleted his divorce announcement from his main feed? I wonder if this is just typical behaviour (many people cleanse their timeline after a breakup) or something else? If you look at Lenny and Lisa (who ‘consciously uncoupled’ years before that was a thing), there’s a lot of love there. She shows up on his feed pretty regularly. This doesn’t necessarily mean things have gone sour between Jason and Lisa and maybe it’s more about Jason not wanting that negativity on the timeline. 


Hailey Baldwin has been teasing a skin care line for months and months and it looks like it’s getting closer to a debut. I’m not knocking her skin but she’s 25! And she, like all the other celebrities with skin care lines, has access to the best of everything (nutrition, skin care, facialists, dermatologists). Tell us what you’re doing in the doctor’s office.


Laura Wasser is the go-to attorney to handle sticky divorces with a cool head, settling the most contentious issues (money and custody) with the least amount of media attention. This woman has all the secrets. Kelly Clarkson’s divorce continues to drag on as her ex refuses to leave the property (he says he can’t afford it) and now there’s a looming trial. According to reporting in US Weekly, Kelly is ready to go to trial (which is expensive and exhausting) and it seems like she’s been pushed to this point. Although I’m biased towards Kelly because she seems genuinely lovely and kind (which is different than nice, which is a surface thing), Laura is also someone who values a compromise. There was an entire movie about it! So the fact that these two are ready to go into battle says a lot. 


Tracee Ellis Ross can wear anything. These jeans are many things: shredded with a black underlay, boot cut, high waisted. Could I do it? NO. But on her it’s a look.