Obviously social media has not been a pleasant place over the last couple of days, so I’m just here to try to pull out the best nonsense, something for us to collectively giggle (or eyeroll) about. Here’s a cat getting a makeover. 


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The magnificent Hunter Harris (who is an Uncut Gems and A Star is Born aficionado and Pussy Posse historian) is the pop culture provocateur of our time! Lukas Haas reached out to her to talk about his music career and online dating. And yes, the Pussy Posse. The last question (or rather, statement) absolutely killed me. 

Ming-Na Wen is underrated and this throwback is from 20 years ago. George Lucas was born with a white beard and wearing a sweater/collared shirt.


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I loved Dua Lipa’s look at the Grammys because it felt so 90s.

This ties into Ming-Na Wen again, specifically a throwback photo in a similar outfit (it’s from 2000, which is basically still the 90s). Slips are back, big time.


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Not sure if you caught the nanny/house manager job posting that went around on social media, but some people were indignant about it because it required a specific skill set (like knowing how much chicken to buy for a family dinner and river swimming). A reporter from Slate tracked down the single mom/CEO who posted it and she explained, quite thoroughly, why she needs help planning summer camp (it takes hours) and why swimming and skiing are skills that fit in with her family. You can read the full interview here.

But the furor around it made me think of Renata Klein, the kind of “difficult woman” character who is a social media feminist darling. This is the real Renata Klein. This is the kind of help a character like that would need in real life and people are not so rah-rah you-go-girl when it’s a real-life woman, are they? In fact they are downright mad about her asking (and paying for!) the kind of help she needs. 


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Rita Wilson pointing out that Clive Davis’s love of music is “legendary” is the ultimate mom caption. (Did her hair and makeup people show up on time?)


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OK I have never noticed this but as BuzzFeed points out, bangs are the flashback hairstyle of choice. Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unsee it. 


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Pamela Anderson has kind of made it Instagram official with her husband, but he only got a Story (which deletes after 24 hours). How does a 5th husband make it to the main feed? 


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The Davos Economic Forum has always made me think of a bunch of rich old men trading black market rhino tusks in back rooms, but according to Town & Country, it is now an influencer hot spot. You see Coachella is too basic and Burning Man is “insufferable’ and Sundance’s celebrity stock has fallen, so influencers are looking for a new place to be noticed and, according to T&C, that place is Davos. It even got its own viral moment with the Julianne Hough video – a true mark of an “it” festival. 


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