Back in December, Lainey wrote about how lush Gigi’s hair looked. She’s back on set (wearing Jacquemus) and the hair is still long and strong. 


Sticking with the hair theme, here’s Jennifer Aniston with her hairdresser and BFF Chris McMillan and she’s gone slightly blonder, from honey to golden, I would say. Or maybe golden to honey? Either way, slightly lighter at the roots. It looks great. And what is the budget on The Morning Show if they can afford Chris McMillan’s day rate. 


The GameStop drama continues to rage on social media, with everyone from AOC to Mark Cuban weighing in (the Robin Hood app, popular with Reddit traders, has restricted trading). No single person on Twitter is taking more tweets on this than Brian Koppleman, the showrunner of Billions, who has had to put up with hundreds of “this would be a great storyline for your show” suggestions. He’s answering with humour and a lot of patience. 


Michael Polansky rarely appears on Gaga’s feed, but Gaga doesn’t really roll like that with her personal life. Her relationships are not intermingled with her work. When I think of her different eras, I have no idea who she was dating or engaged to at the time – I don’t associate her with any of her exes or men in general. 

Pitchers of orange juice in the fridge and a full hot breakfast with stacks of pancakes and muffins and platters of eggs and hash browns laid out on a beautifully set table, but the family just runs through and grabs a piece of toast on the way out the door. They never even butter the toast. Who is passing up eggs benny for some dry whole wheat bread? And who cleans up the kitchen after? 


Drake had knee surgery, which has delayed his album. Recuperating requires physiotherapy but also rest. What do you think Drake does when he rests? Like how many times has he looked at articles like this?

Bridgerton is a smash hit in every way possible, the rare piece of work that feeds the critics and fans, has loads of viral content potential and will probably influence the kind of shows that get greenlit for the next five to ten years. There’s a business story in this as well – Netflix invested $100 million in Shonda Rhimes, counting on her hit-making ways to continue. She has more than risen to the occasion. Do you think ABC is regretting not coughing up that Disney pass now? A real “how do you like them apples” moment.