Lewis Capaldi, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes sang along to Niall Horan (and One Direction) with Niall Horan. The videos ended up on TikTok (of course!) and it’s so performative (because they know everyone is watching them and filming them) but also so genuine. The best time made even better by the audience seeing that they are having the best time. This is their youth. This is their prom. 


Yesterday, I wrote about Dua Lipa’s look, calling it very 90s. Turns out I was right (rare) and that was the inspiration for the outfit. Dua is dating Anwar Hadid and seems close (or at least very friendly) with the Hadid sisters, who are also known to pull from the 90s archives (tiny sunglasses, crop tops with baggy jeans). 


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Vulture asked a few comedians what hacky joke they would like to see die. The answers are interesting and varied – “Sir, this is a Wendy’s” is on there, as well as “that’s gonna leave a mark” and the social media go-to laughing GIF response.

Writer Demi Adejuyigbe thinks the whole “intense fight scene set to soaring ballad” is tired and reductive, but without that, there will never be another Deadpool sequel. 


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Kat McPhee has set some kind of Grammys record.

Gary Janetti’s Instagram feed is a Prince George parody account that has been covered extensively, including writeups in the NYT and Town & Country. It is now being turned into a TV show, and I really wonder how this will work with audiences. How do you translate a fictional bitchy boy prince into a TV show without exploiting the actual, real-life child? The royal institution is ripe for parody, but I’m not sure if anyone is up for these beloved kids being the butt of the joke. Or will George be the narrator, the one dragging Prince Andrew.


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