I, like most people on social media last night, was/am obsessed with Blue Ivy’s hand gesture. It reminds me of her mother’s “stop it”. So precise. But there’s one theory I haven’t seen floated around. Camila Cabello was the one on stage – is Blue Ivy a Harmonizer? Ha!

What do you think she’s trying to do here – pull up the tongue of the boot? And when is she joining Instagram? Probably when she starts Top of the Morning with Reese, who will convince her.


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Dr. Ruth! All wedding speeches should end with, “try a new position tonight.”


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Willow knows what’s up.


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I refuse to learn The Chainsmokers’ names, but the dark-haired one got caught cheating by his girlfriend. Not a huge story, but how she did it is interesting: by accessing the CCTV tapes in the building where he was (and then posting the video on social media). I applaud her ingenuity. 


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We are all the woman in the corner.


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Remember when U2’s album was downloaded onto everyone’s iTunes, whether they wanted it or not? Last night felt like that.

Karl has grown a beard! What does that mean? Are beards chic now? Does he oil it? What does Choupette think?


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Whoever could this mysterious “someone” be?