Jacek, my husband, is big on pomegranates. He started eating one every other day a few months ago and he says he feels so much better and he keeps telling me his skin looks better. I find them really tart. And it’s true. No matter how fastidious you are, the juice gets EVERYWHERE.

Look. I love a good steak, the bloodier the better. But this Salt Bae business is getting out of hand. Which I’m sure you’re about to tell me, but Lainey, if you’ve had a Salt Bae steak, you wouldn’t feel that way! OK. But now I’m telling you that I hate salt. Everything is too salty for me. It’s my most common complaint about food. 


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When I think of croquet I think of Heathers. I do not want to associate Armie Hammer with Heathers. Also… you know how Armie doesn’t want to be known for being rich and for that last name? How accessible is croquet? 

Most people stand next to a motorcycle and the motorcycle looks like a proper machine. Jason Momoa stands next to one and the motorcycle looks like a tricycle. 


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No one was immune to boy band hair. 


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A Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants reunion. But WTF are these pants on Blake Lively?!?? 


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Duana saw this last night and texted me that she wanted the jacket. I texted back that I wanted the pants. She wants the pants too. This whole outfit, basically. 

And it’s so much better than the one they used on the cover.