Over the holiday break, Gabrielle Union reposted a story that included a Christmas card she sent to a friend – signed only by Gab. There’s been eyes on this situation for a few months and my theory is that the card was a work card, not a family holiday card. Her children are also not listed on the card.


It’s like when Beyoncé sends flowers and a note as a congratulations for an achievement, she sends it as Beyoncé (not the twins, Blue and her husband). More to that, Gabrielle posted several family photos with Dwyane over Christmas and whatever is (or is not) going on, the family unit is intact. 


Jimmy Kimmel made some jokes about Aaron Rodgers so Aaron Rodgers went on a podcast and implied Jimmy was on Epstein’s plane, which is an outright lie that many QAnons use to attack multiple celebrities with this fake “list” they’ve heard about and claim to have seen. The thing with being smooth brained is that when Jimmy defends himself, he’s being “so defensive because he’s guilty!” but when he doesn’t defend himself, these types think famous people are in hiding or in prison (many of them think the Covid quarantine was a coverup for celebrities going to jail or under house arrest for Epstein-style crimes). These kind of accusations attract wackjobs and the implication that you are a sex trafficker requires defending. Prediction: the mainstream media will be blamed for “twisting his words.” 


We are coming up on the release date of Mean Girls (the musical) and Sarah wrote about the trailer back in November. You think they would be full speed ahead with promo by now, right? It’s only 10 days away. 


Before the holiday break, I mentioned that Kelly Clarkson has been awarded over $2 million from her ex because of improper business dealings. More to that, Kelly has finished up her spousal support payments and has moved to New York. Happy New Year to Kelly Clarkson!


The annual W Magazine/Juergen Teller Best Performances photos are being posted on social media (Lainey posted about Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie here) and cue the hundreds of “I could have taken this” comments about the pictures. Personally, I love Juergen’s style and I think they are meant to be jarring and not flattering. But audiences are so used to celebrities always being presented in the best (heavily filtered) light that these feel off-putting, which I think is the point. There’s a piece in the Wall Street Journal that dives into this.