Last time we checked in on Shawn Mendes, he was dealing with Hailey Baldwin. There are new photos of him having pizza with Camila Cabello, giving the pro- and anti-Shawmila factions a lot to dissect. But there’s a third person at the table with them (Twitter tells me it’s Shawn’s manager, the same guy in the photo below) – so, is that a date? They have been friends for a while.


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Good news: Tom Hanks has not shown his unsolicited penis to anyone. 

Kirsten Dunst IS officially a cupper!!!!


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I love this cover. But in honour of her birthday week, I feel like my delivery should be more Oprah-esque. I. Love. This. Cooooovvvvveeerrrrrrrr.


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This is by far the best celebrity fan photo story I have ever heard.





So just this week I just realized that not only was Timothée Chalamet on Homeland, but he also dated Lourdes Leon. (I know, I’m slow to catch on.) On LaineyGossip we often refer to the children of celebrities as the “next generation of gossip” – but when does next-gen become now? How long until Lourdes and Brooklyn Beckham or Willow Smith grab their own headlines? We aren’t far off. 


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She wanted to post a photo from a private jet, fine. But this caption is just lazy. 


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I like this duster on Elizabeth Banks. I couldn’t wear it because I’m too short, but if you are so inclined, you can find it here for $28US. 


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