Instagram has finally figured out how much I love Jason Statham and Beyoncé and blessed me with this clip on the explore page. What took so long? And why isn’t this scene nominated for an Academy Award every year?


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Zac Efron is giving a lot of people a problematic serial killer boner.


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Ariana got a new tattoo and people are arguing over whether it says what it’s supposed to say. I don’t know anything about that, but I am fascinated by how smooth looking her hand is. Obviously this is filtered but it almost looks like a doll hand. 


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When I was 17, the closest I had to a face mask was Noxzema. What do you think Kaia Gerber uses? Definitely something fancy. Kaia has had a busy year in Milan and Paris: she walked for Givenchy, Prada, Sacai, Versace, and Valentino. Some organizations (like Vogue and the CFDA) are trying to cull the use of models under the age of 18, but there is no industry standard. She turns 18 in September and has been working since she was 16, so at this point, would it make sense for her to skip fashion week and wait until she’s 18? From her perspective, probably not.


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Kristen Stewart and her new girlfriend Sarah Dinkin spent her birthday together and have been spotted hiking together in LA with their dogs. I checked Sarah’s Instagram expecting to find lots of comments from deluded Twihards and found none. I went to Stella Maxwell's (Kristen’s ex) page and didn’t see any there either. But then I went to check Suki Waterhouse and sure enough there are some Rob comments. As we know, FKA twigs was harassed by #robstenisunbroken shippers as well – the ones who think Rob and Kristen are married and raising two (or is it three?) kids together in Los Angeles. I think the flow of harassment comes down to how you choose-your-own-delusion: they think all of Kristen’s girlfriends are just friends – they refuse to believe it even though she straight up said, “I’m, like, so gay dude” on SNL. They can brush that off as a joke. Rob’s girlfriends twist their brain to a point that they need to build a whole narrative, usually involving Rob begrudgingly taking on fake girlfriends to protect his family. (And there was certainly racism at play with Rob and FKA.) But, 10 years after the first movie, is the dream of a Robsten nuclear family fading away, even for the most devoted fans?


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The problem with so much good TV is that obsession with a new show passes too quickly. I still want to talk about You – like why is Joe always wearing an apron in a book store? Season 2 is moving ahead and yes, it will be set in LA. Joe moves to the West Coast with a new “love” interest. Will he start spinning and complain about traffic?