There’s a rumour floating around on Twitter that a movie star is older than she claims. Stories like this can definitely have a sexist bent (because is anyone checking on Charlie Hunnam’s or Robert Pattison’s age?). If she’s lying, it’s probably a concerted effort on her team to make her young enough to be all the things people want young actresses to be: fresh, a revelation, a discovery, a blank space. (I personally don’t think she’s lying; she just needs a better hair and makeup team and a new stylist.) It also reminded me of Rebel Wilson’s defamation suit from a few years back, when she sued Bauer Media in Australia for a series of stories about her age, real name, and upbringing. She won a huge settlement (which was later reduced); her argument was that the stories made her look like a serial liar and cost her roles. A couple of years on, she’s in two of the biggest (as in most talked about) movies of the year: Cats and JoJo Rabbit. Do Aussie tabloids still write about her?


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We are heading into Oscar season and besides the big show, there are the parties around it where all the good gossip probably happens.

Miley and Liam have finalized their divorce and he’s spent a fair bit of time in Australia, which makes it easy for them to avoid each other. Now he’s back in LA and will probably hit the party circuit – an actor like Liam needs to work those rooms. He’s not a hot commodity, no matter how hot people think he is. Miley has attended the Vanity Fair party for a few years, so will she bring Cody as her plus one this year? Will Liam attend with his new gf? A run-in seems inevitable.


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This is Nicki Minaj’s first post since November. She has a new song out (her first since announcing her retirement, I think?) with Meghan Trainor. I want Nicki back to competing on the charts because she loves to win and makes things more interesting. Good for gossip. 


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Catherine Zeta-Jones’s brief appearance on Office Ladies, the podcast hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, is like a leather trenchcoat, rare steak, and glass of champagne (read this story for context). The way she says “yours truly” is so haughty and glamorous. As we know, CZJ was a key part of Threat Level Midnight. Jenna explains how she asked for the cameo, too – they’ve never met in person.



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Jemima Kirke tries out a new facial treatment that involves an inner cheek massage, with fingers in the mouth. It looks very uncomfortable. 


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