Did you watch grown-ish last night? How much do love this Breakfast Club homage? And, God, Yara’s outfit in the second episode, blue blazer on top of the black dress with silver detail? Denise Huxtable was a fashion icon, undisputed. Will Zoe Johnson be one too? PS. OF COURSE Drake made a cameo. Sort of. Of course he did. 

I posted the other day about Karlie Kloss’s “Swish Swish” Instagram post. Here’s the original:

As you know, people started speculating. And yelling. So now she’s revised it. Which…does that mean she and Taylor Swift are still in love and secret romancing each other? #KaylorIsUnbroken


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Barry Jenkins was on a plane. And enjoying some wine. And the person next to him was watching Notting Hill. Barry Jenkins has never seen Notting Hill so he live-tweeted Notting Hill with no audio. But, really, he was just live-tweeting his appreciation of Julia Roberts. Which is what Duana and I have been trying to tell you for years. JULIA ROBERTS. This entire thread belongs in the Julia Roberts fan club hall of fame. 

Chrissy Teigen’s Christmas tree is still up. So is mine. Is yours? When are you taking it down? Jacek wants to take ours down this weekend but I want to keep it up at least for Sunday because it’s an all-nighter for the Golden Globes and I want to look at it for happiness. How about next weekend? Is that too late? Our outside lights are staying up until at least after Chinese New Year, which is February 16.


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Dylan Farrow has a question for Blake Lively. 

As Sarah wrote yesterday, Netflix is moving ahead with a Bright sequel because at least 11 million people watched it. And she mentions the international audience too. On that note, here’s who taught Will Smith about the value of the international audience. 


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