Happy New Year! I’m back on my bullsh-t, as promised. Let’s get right into it: Ricky Gervais is all over Twitter, keeping up with the “I don’t care!” schtick he had going at the Golden Globes. Because nothing says “I don’t care” like reading all your press, searching your name on social media, liking praise, responding to criticism and posting a tweet to Instagram.  


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Some comedians are rallying around Ricky with the idea that everyone in the ballroom was offended – did it read like that?

Award shows are chaotic, the Golden Globes in particular (they are served dinner and can drink). Beyonce and Jay Z snuck in, a lot was going on. The reaction shots looked more like people couldn’t hear him or weren’t focused on his monologue at the top of the show, when everyone is rushed to sit down. But it plays better for the misanthropic outsider to think that the cool kids were upset because it gives his hosting a purpose.   


Kacey Musgraves deleted all photos of her husband (and he deleted his photos of her), which was obviously noticed. What does it mean? Can it mean anything but...?


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 I’m of the Puff Daddy generation.


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Dolce & Gabbana has had a few bad years of press and is not the red carpet staple it once was. But there were three showings at the Golden Globes: Sofia Vergara, Sacha Baron Cohen and Christopher Abbot. Sofia’s dress is incredibly dated and her time on stage didn’t go smoothly – she and Matt Bomer seemed to have a mix-up on stage and she looked slightly panicked for a moment. An off night, maybe?


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Richard Dreyfus’s son Ben is a reporter and pretty popular on Twitter and today he mentioned his dad’s new project – maybe this will reunite them? Families, man.