Yesterday in What Else, Lainey posted to a story about Justin Bieber distancing himself from Hillsong Church and in this instance, I can see Justin’s frustration. There’s rarely a headline about Carl Lentz that doesn’t include Justin’s name, even though JB stopped actively attending Hillsong services around the time he and Selena broke up for the last time. Judah Smith of Churchome is and has been Justin’s pastor since he was a young teen, encouraged by Justin’s mom Patti. Smith is also Ciara and Russell Wilson’s pastor and Chris Pratt, someone else who is talked about a lot about Hillsong, is with Chad Veach at Zoe Church (Chad used to work for Hillsong). Hillsong always liked the attention these celeb encounters brought them and so have played them up; this isn’t the first time a religious faction has done this (remember the LA Kabbalah craze with Madonna and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore?). What is interesting and not as talked about is that Carl has (had?) deep connections in the NBA and I think that is where his “comeback” will happen.


Kim Kardashian wore her wedding ring out because it’s not like this family doesn’t know how to milk every single ounce of press they can out of a story. But it got me thinking about Lainey’s post on Matt Damon’s wedding ring wearing habits. Since March, I’ve rarely worn my rings because of snagging (which annoys me) and doing tactile things around the house more often (cooking, baking, tidying up). If I do go out, it’s to pop into a store or pick up takeout so I don’t bother putting it on for the 20 minutes I’m out of the house. Maybe it’s a similar reason for Matt?


Kate Hudson has a 17 year old son. What?! Ryder Robinson is pretty grown up and I wonder if he will enter the family business (on his mother’s side). Some may not remember this but Kate’s introduction to audiences was a 1996 InStyle cover with her mom Goldie (see it here) and she has often said her parents wouldn’t let her start auditioning until she was 17. If she follows that same line of thinking, Ryder could be in a Netflix movie in the next couple of years.


Last night on Twitter, someone asked Karlie Kloss to take her concerns to her brother-and sister-in-law and she responded, “I’ve tried.” Derek Blasberg has said the same thing in comments on his Instagram posts and I don’t doubt that there’s no getting through to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner right now. Also on Twitter last night were regular people posting angry texts from their parents who are Trump supporters and buy into all of the conspiracy theories. Many adults try to use logic to deprogram their elderly parents but the glut of misinformation (on “news” channels and social media) is too much to fight against. Karlie doesn’t control her in-laws just like those people can’t control their Fox News-watching dad. What will matter is what happens after all this calms down and Jared and Ivanka try to slink back into New York society. Who will accept them and who won’t? I have my guesses. But I don’t think this great shunning that people think is coming is going to come. There was a piece written about them that I can’t find now, but to paraphrase, someone said the only thing New York society can’t forgive is going broke. Everything else is workable. 


Tom Cruise is the most apolitical celebrity out there. I don’t think he’s ever whispered a word about politics to anyone, anywhere. But do you think he watches the news? Does he know what’s going on in the US? Did he watch what happened last night and picture himself parachuting in to save the day? I wonder how he processes real world events that don’t happen on a movie set.

Twitter is for breaking news and jokes. A meteor could be a couple of miles away and Twitter, specifically Black Twitter, will be roasting it until we implode. Noting about yesterday’s news was funny. But this is f-cking funny.