Ten years ago today, the Blue Ivy Carter was born. And just like it is on her mother’s birthday, Blue’s birthday is trending on social media, as people around the world celebrate a decade of her existence. As her grandmother, Miss Tina, wrote on Instagram, Blue came into the world “running things”. As her mother says, “Girls, we run this mutha…” And she’s so tall!


Beyoncé is the Queen of the Culture, which means Blue is the Princess of the Culture. Over in England, British princess Kate of House Cambridge will be celebrating her 40th birthday on Sunday. It’s a milestone – and she’ll be a Queen. So I get why there’s been so much fanfare. All week the British tabloids have publishing pieces about Kate at 40. But there are a few that… well… is it really honouring Kate for her birthday in an article about her birthday that tears down other women? And is the fact that she “puts her husband first” a thing you want to say about a woman in 2022? How is this a great birthday present? It’s a sh-tty birthday present, and if I were her I’d send it back. 

Oh My God, I need to see more of this look on Adele. But I thought her next video would be for “I Drink Wine” because when she was on with NikkieTutorials, she teased that that video was so major it would inspire Halloween 2022. Not that it has to be one or the other. This one looks really major, too, and if this one is coming out on Wednesday, when will it be time for “I Drink Wine”? She’s not lying when she says there’s so much coming. 


Hugh Jackman is out of quarantine after getting COVID and returned to Broadway last night. Just a bit of a PSA here – you’ll note he’s wearing a KN95 because… well… fashion masks aren’t cutting it with Omicron. If you want to wear a fashion mask, it is recommended that you wear it over a more protective mask like a K95 that filters more sh-t out. Hope you’re all warm and stay safe.

Duana sent this to me this morning promising me that it would make my day. And it did. DAY MADE. 


It’s my last Celebrity Social Media as Maria will be back on Monday. And you know, I know you know, how I’m about to end it. With BTS, of course. Look at this this achievement: 


One more thing to make my day. And month: