Who will scoop Fiji water woman up first, Ellen or Jimmy Kimmel?

It’s incredible to me that some people in the comments think Jimmy and his wife Molly photobombed Sarah without her knowledge, like it was a shady thing to do. These two are friendly exes 101. Sarah has been on Jimmy’s show several times and Molly always posts on her Instagram. We can do better than trying to make something of this. 


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Zac Efron’s grandfather turned 91 – can you spot the glamour shots behind him? They’ve probably been hanging there since Zac was in middle school and it’s adorable. 


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Is Cher in a group text she can’t get out of without offending the other people in it?

Extremely into this photo of Kieran Culkin hanging out with Elizabeth Banks. He was at the Globes (as a nominee!), so of course I Googled the Culkins and his brother Rory was married in April as part of a Wrestlemania promotion? Macaulay was there. What? I’m so confused right now. 


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Anna Paquin looks like a baby but, to me, Hugh looks the same. Is he entering Rob Lowe territory?


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I don’t need Big Little Lies season 2. I don’t need Reese Witherspoon throwing an ice cream at Meryl Streep's head (because truly, in what world would an adult throw a cone at their friend’s mother?). Part of what made BLL interesting is the social mores that everyone had to adhere to as they suppressed the rage and trauma. This preview shot is making me think season 2 will not be nuanced.


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