After what sounded like a scary medical incident and months of silence, Jamie Foxx is up and about which is GREAT news. The best kind of news. I have no idea what happened to him and won’t speculate, but I do want to talk about how his team locked sh-t down. The incident happened on set which is not a controlled space – there are a lot people on set who could leak to TMZ (which is what happened). But once he was getting treatment and care, there was little to no information being shared. Not just with us but it seems like even other celebrities were on an information diet.


 Think about it: not one leaked photo or “insider” planted story. Tight tight tight. And now that he’s ready to be seen, he’s out and about on his terms. Jamie has been famous for a long time and clearly has a very solid team behind him. 


More great news: Madonna is up and about! She was spotted taking a walk im New York City. And posted for the first time today with an update on the tour. 

OK this is interesting: Sarah Silverman is part of a group of people suing Meta and OpenAI (maker of ChatGPT) for unauthorized use of her work. Essentially, the class action lawsuit is alleging that copyrighted material is being used to train bots. On its face (and I’m no legal eagle!) this makes sense because how else would the bots be trained but by copying humans?


The numbers being thrown around about how much Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen lost in FTX are staggering and frankly probably strained their marriage. Yes they have more but this is double-digit millions and if a marriage was already under stress, this wouldn’t help. But I want to talk about Taylor Swift and how she looked like some kind of hero for not signing with FTX but that has nothing to do with Taylor or her team. Basically a lawyer, who would have no insider knowledge of Taylor’s dealings, said she rejected the deal because she asked the tough questions. That story made the rounds and obviously, it’s nice to hear about one non-greedy celebrity (besides Ben Mackenzie!). Turns out, she did sign a deal and it was FTX that pulled out (the updated copy on this story is pretty significant!). To be clear, I truly don’t think any of this is coming from Taylor’s team because the NDAs would be stringent and honestly who wants their name involved in this clusterduck.

Shay Mitchell’s luggage line Beis is killing it and I think an acquisition is coming. Very smart branding all around and being the official luggage of Barbie means a monster summer. I can see people jumping all over these pink suitcases. 


Harper Beckham turned 12 with a party at Prada café and yes this is extravagant, but she’s also had a birthday party tea at Buckingham Palace in 2017. (Prince Andrew might have been there so that knocks it down several notches in prestige to subterranean levels.) One thing I’ve noticed about the Beckhams is that they get “real” cakes and not the super fancy fondant creations that have a thick layer that peels off and a super dry and crumbly cake underneath. This cake looks edible. 

Everybody showed up for Jimmy Kimmel, of course. (Third picture, you can Where’s Waldo all the celebrities.)


In London, everybody showed up for The Boss. (Kate Hudson was there too, but doesn’t look like she was hanging out with this crew.) 

Shailene Woodley name-dropping Leonardo DiCaprio while talking about a sustainable champagne brand is so funny. I don’t think celebrities are the cause or solution to any of the world’s problems (like skyrocketing food prices) but that said, this is certainly a “read the room” moment.