I don’t have tattoos. I doubt I’ll ever get one. But I always think about it. Like what I would get…and where. And I wonder how much it will hurt. Will it hurt as much as having an IUD put in? Because MY GOD that f-cking hurt. So did my root canals. Busy Philipps says it only hurts a little, as much as writing a book. Really? Because writing a book is goddamn painful, more painful than an IUD and a root canal combined. 


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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have now been together 12 years, married 8 years. They’ve outlasted Brange. They’ve outlasted a lot of people. I really, really want them to keep lasting. You know how so many of you would be so devastated about the Beckhams if they ever broke up? I would feel the same about Nicole and Joel. This is why I leave them alone. I can’t bear it. 


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I really, really like Ariana Grande with her hair down, all the way down, not a mini or major pony in sight. She must have a high pain threshold to be able to wear a tight ponytail like that all the f-cking time. The relief when you take it out…it’s a scalp break. This photo shoot must have been a scalp break.  


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Did you hear what happened at Wimbledon today? F-ck. Tomorrow is going to be so much stress. 


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Nobody can resist a painted wall in good light. 

I’m so enjoying how Will Smith spends his time:


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Please watch this. There are many celebrities.