The headlines around at the college bribery scandal have died down, but The Hollywood Reporter has a new story about shady charities. The charity the Operation Varsity Blues suspects donated to is called Key Worldwide Foundation. In hindsight, that sounds pretty damn fake, right? But there are a lot of charities and very little oversight, which makes it an ideal money laundering situation. If these kinds of fly-by-night charities that seek out celebrities and movie execs start to get more attention, it will probably make some people very nervous. (Read the full piece here).


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Jane the Virgin is in its final season, which has been uneven – after watching the last three episodes, I think it’s got its groove back. The standout of this season has been Yael Grobglas; she’s the toughest, funniest, most honest and most manipulative character, all while being vulnerable. 


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Is a good burger worth lost luggage? Very subjective topic. 


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The new Hills is getting terrible reviews, but I still listened to this podcast segment between Kelly Cutrone and Stephanie Pratt – there’s a big argument between them because Stephanie thinks that Kelly crushed her dreams of being a handbag designer and Kelly lays out exactly how she was told to act on camera (“I was a gun for hire”). Stephanie Pratt keeps saying, “I gave up on my dreams of designing handbags!” because Kelly was mean to her an interview, and Kelly maintains that Stephanie is delusional and they were all in on it. Get your headphones.  


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Italy is always a travel hotspot in the summer, and celebrities are no exception to that. So far, Naomi Watts, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk have passed through, and I’m sure I’m missing a few people. Erin Foster’s Italian vacation didn’t end the way she maybe hoped – with a clever “we’re engaged” post. 


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This photo is from a few weeks back but I still want to post it because has Oprah ever been more relatable? Even her dogs disrespect her in her own bed. 


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