Zoe Saldana in the Victoria Beckham pantaboots. As Lainey wrote, these will probably go fast but they don’t appear to be available yet. 


I hate to use the tired phrase “this is important” but this is, actually, very important!!!!!

After 16 seasons, why does it feel like the cast of It’s Always Sunny is suddenly everywhere? Not a bad thing at all, just an observation. 


Zayn Malik rarely gives interviews so this is a coup for Call Her Daddy, which has become Zane Lowe or Marc Maron for Zillenials. The producers on this show do an amazing job booking guests.

I found this Vanity Fair piece by Delia Cai really interesting. It’s about the Jonah Hill texts but isn’t focused on the content of the correspondence or the relationship dynamics. Rather, it examines the questions around digital privacy and text messages being posted publicly. 


Meryl might have 21 Oscar nominations but Selena is the Instagram expert here.


Like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner before her, Reese Witherspoon has a new post-divorce interview in Harper’s BAZAAR. Her split has been much less dramatic than the two Jens but Reese has so many projects on the go and constantly in a promotion cycle, so I can see why she would want to draw a line under it. I haven’t read the interview yet but this is a great look on her, I wish she would wear something like this on the red carpet. Styling is by the brilliant Samira Nasr, who is also the Editor-in-chief. 


Stephanie wrote about Drake’s pink nail polish and Drake knows the trends. He is very aware of what is going on with the culture. He wants to get in on the Barbiecore frenzy! Last week, I sent Lainey this photo of Drake and “Taylor Swift” and, um, I’m sorry but this man cracks me up. This is a woman in a red dress and red lipstick and posing “like” Taylor Swift (there’s money tucked into her dress). I really wish Kara Brown’s Shade Court was in session because I would be presenting evidence that this is 100% shady. In another dimension, Drake would have made an excellent reality TV star. Messy and emotional!!!

Drake's Instagram story