E Alex Jung did a wonderful interview with Emmy history-making Sandra Oh a couple of months ago for Vulture that I wrote about back in April. This interview, in my opinion, kicked off the momentum around Sandra’s nomination campaign. And she really does have amazing hair. I envy that texture. 

Did you watch Downton Abbey? I made it through two seasons and then stopped. Just confirmed – there will be a movie. Do you still care? 

Back in January, Ewan McGregor’s daughter, Esther, posted of a video of herself singing on Instagram and the lyrics seemed to be about her father leaving her mother, Eve, for Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Now another daughter, Clara, is also putting their family drama on blast on social media. In response to this fan site post about Mary Elizabeth…

…Clara left this comment:


Clara attended a premiere with her dad back in April. 


That same night Ewan was seen with Mary. 


So did it get ugly recently? Or is she selective about her anger? Because…well…it’s really her dad who has to be accountable to his family, non? 

I can’t wear eye shadow on my entire lid. JLO, obviously, does not have a problem with this. 


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There was speculation about Beyoncé being pregnant earlier this week. The Hive is now thinking this is a hint: “4” as in her fourth child. OK but it’s also widely known to be her favourite number? See all my previous points for why I don’t think she’s expecting again…not yet. 


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A higher form of patriotism! A higher form of action! The highest form of Bro!


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This smile. Who can resist this smile? 


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