How many “Rocks” can run for office at one time?

I have to put an asterisk next to this story about JLO hiring a private investigator to follow Alex Rodriguez. (Alex should be used to asterisks by now.) First off, she’s still in the love bubble so I don’t know how much she’d question him. Second, it’s the new US Weekly, so it’s far from lock solid reliable. Third, what kind of private investigator gets found out? Especially one JLO would have the means to hire?


Good seeing Commissioner Manfred at an #MLB event during #AllStarWeek (📷: @worldredeye)

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“How long do I have to carry this before I can throw it in the trash?”

I had never heard the Woody Harrelson foursome story. When his wife found out, she said, “That must be really hard for you, to have this s— exposed.” That’s some next level Zen. The Dalai Lama could take notes from this woman. 


Last nt comedy cellar with #amyschurmer

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I rarely say this made me laugh out loud but my god this really did. So simple yet so perfect.