I’m a little curious if Elle Macpherson has gotten the jab because for a long time she was with disgraced anti-vaxx peddler Andrew Wakefield (I couldn’t find any recent stories on them). She also does a lot of Instagram lives to promote wellness – has anyone straight up asked her? If you’ve seen it, let me know. I’m not watching one. 


Paris Hilton has signed on for a cooking show on Netflix, the hook being she can’t cook which… is fine. Not everyone can or needs to. Paris has been working to move away from the “Paris Hilton” persona and into a realer version of herself (including her voice, which is not a baby whisper), so this seems like a pivot for her brand. Also, this concept has been done on the Food Network and I feel like over quarantine we had the Selena Gomez and Amy Schumer cooking shows. But the timing is good because her mom is an unequivocal hit on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and so as a family, they have more buzz than usual. 


I feel like the answer to this can tell us a lot about a person: is 3:49 am the middle of the night or early morning? If I wake up at that time, it’s to go pee and straight back to bed, but I’m more sloth than The Rock. I also want to know who does his facials because look at the pores. No puffiness under the eyes and even skin tone. This man (particularly with the amount of working out he does) is doing something. Drop the skin care routine, Dwayne. 

Does it feel like there’s a slight lull in prestige TV right now, like there’s “nothing on” even though we have so many options? As we wait (and wait… and wait…) for Succession, I’m looking forward to Dead to Me and Russian Doll, which are coming soon-ish.


Not saying they did but IF they got engaged, how do you think they would announce it? Lori is not giving us the basic hand shot. No way. 

And we haven’t talked about The Many Saints of Newark. The last 10 seconds gave me chills.  


It’s just one photo but Halle Bailey as Ariel is going to be the moment. You can see it.

Beyoncé has dropped another set of photos and I think it has less to do with us and more to do with her love of summer. Every season is Beyoncé season but I feel like she seems happiest in warm weather.