Did you know Kirsten Dunst co-owns a clothing line? It’s called One Of Us and the illustrations and most of the pieces are custom or one-of-a-kind. That’s exactly the kind of clothing line we’d expect from Kirsten Dunst, right? If you like the pieces, there’s a more widely available collection with Coach. 


I’m curious how this came to be because when I think of Kirsten Dunst, I think of Rodarte. They’ve had a long and close relationship. So I’d be curious as to the how and why she went with Coach, from a business perspective. 


To normies like us, Derek Blasberg is a fashion world question mark. I cannot tell you how many emails I get asking “but what does he do???” He’s a mix of a throwback event “host” from the early aughts (as in, brands paid him to curate big name guest lists) and he’s had stints at YouTube (the fashion vertical quietly faded away) and he works in the art world. He’s not a designer, photographer or art director. I think the most interesting thing about him is that he’s as connected as a nepo baby but he isn’t one. He has clawed his way up to what looks like a pretty nice life in NYC and appears to be ensconced in a world that is closed to outsiders. His latest work is with Goop and GP has dabbled with having male contributors. I wonder if Goop men is on the horizon? 


Not all celebrity brands make sense but Kaley Cuoco and anything to do with animals makes total sense. She has lots of pets and her dog Norman was her BFF. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more celebrity pet supply lines considering we get everything else from them.


The reception to the second season of And Just Like That… has been much more muted than the first season and I think this is the danger with any reboot. Once the big “where are they now” question is answered, the story seems to wilt a little. This isn’t specific to this show as many reboots get a huge amount of buzz for the first season and then fizzle out. And when a show is written as fan service, you can only take the storyline in so many directions. 


Salma Hayek is correct here in that you should never waste a shrimp head. It’s the tastiest part. 

Attached - Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons out with their kids last week in LA.