Ever since Lainey pointed out hip cut-outs, all I see are hip cut-outs. Is it the new cold shoulder?


Lady Gaga and her boyfriend are probably still together, but she’s been pretty low-key since wrapping House of Gucci. Between projects, she is actually quite private and I think it’s her way of working – to put it all in and then retreat and regenerate. When the press tour starts, she will be ready. But I wonder what she will wear; the Gucci family is reportedly upset about the movie, but they have not owned it for years. Will Kering (which owns Gucci) be lending clothes or making her some custom gowns? More on that in the next section. 

Salma Hayek also stars in House of Gucci and her husband François-Henri Pinault is the CEO of Kering; she wears Gucci quite a bit at events. Based on her involvement, I would guess Kering’s team is fine with the film or maybe even excited about it. Gucci doesn’t need the publicity but this is a special kind of immortalization that mixes true crime and movie stars and vintage fashion – the one photo Lady Gaga dropped was enough to cause a social media frenzy. There might even be some pieces reissued from that era to coincide with the film. 


Fenty Beauty pleads the fifth. 

Here’s Jennifer Lopez showing us a glimpse of her work ethic, using her downtime in the studio to rehearse for a video. I would love to know how her schedule works out deadlines because she can book a studio anytime she wants. People will wait on JLo and adjust their schedules to work with her. In the caption she wrote, “I had to work in the recording studio that night” – why did she have to work there? Why couldn’t it be rescheduled? Where does the urgency come from? The interesting wording for me is “had to” because it’s not like JLo has a boss, she decides what she has to do. And she decided to double book herself and just do it. 


Madonna is still working on her biopic screenplay with Erin Wilson and from the short snippet she read in this clip, it sounds like she will be doing the voice-over. 

This is why they were hanging out


Amazon has let go of its Tiger King project with Nicolas Cage because, as he told Variety, the execs see the story as “not relevant” to them now. This is fair. If we are being honest with ourselves, Tiger King was a weird, not-very-good documentary about awful people we watched because we were bored. We don’t need multiple movies about the pet rock of 2020.