Lindsay Lohan has a new job as a judge on The Masked Singer Australia. It’s a decent gig for her. The issue, as it always is when Lindsay is involved, is consistency. This isn’t a reality show that caters to her specific schedule because it’s an ensemble. This gig will have call times and wardrobe and rehearsal and a set – will Lindsay be able to check all of these boxes? Do they have a Lindsay wrangler to get her from her dressing room to set on time? That should be a specific job listing. 


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Stephen Curry posted this photo and I didn’t notice that Justin looks any different than he usually does, but he is unhappy with his face. In the comments he said he “looks 50.” Nothing wrong with looking 50, but I understand his point: no 38-year-old is trying to look older and no one likes to see what they think is a bad picture of themselves. Now imagine the celebrity level of vanity and add some Justin Timberlake ego. No hamming it up here. (Thanks for sending, Emily!)


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Kelly Clarkson suggested Taylor Swift re-record all of her music, which I guess would be Taylor doing Taylor covers? I don’t think she would put the energy into that, but what about a live album? Who would own the rights to that? 

You can almost imagine baby Tallulah reciting a Die Hard line in this photo.


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Nick Kroll is in the comments of this photo telling Seth Rogen to splurge on the high-res version of this image and he’s right because this is too blurry. Especially because it’s a framer. Everyone from The Lion King is posting their brushes with Beyoncé, but this isn’t Seth’s only experience around her. A little gossip nostalgia: Grammys, 2011. Gwyneth was trying to be a country star (remember that?) and Beyoncé showed up to support her. Seth passed them in the hallway and Beyoncé’s security (was it Julius?) stopped him from getting too close, but he did exchange hellos with G. It’s been a really long time since G and Bey have been seen together publicly, right? But a lot has changed – it’s not like Bey is going to stroll into a Goop Summit. 


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For a few hours over the weekend, Ms. Tina had a post about Serena Williams winning Wimbledon. Well, who is going to correct Ms. Tina? As one commenter put it, “If Ms. Tina says Serena won Wimbledon, then Serena won Wimbledon PERIODT.” Eventually, she did change the caption. Maybe Blue pointed out the error.



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This Big Little Lies timeline breakdown by Bobby Finger is the only season 2 recap we need.