Yesterday I wrote about the relaunch of Gabrielle Union’s haircare line, Flawless by GU. This morning PEOPLE posted a new interview that goes way beyond the standard “I like this product” lifestyle sell. Gabrielle talks about her hair falling out during IVF treatments and having to wear wigs and clip-ins when she was promoting the first run of the line two and a half years ago; she also talks about pressure from investors who were not focused on the Black community, and mistakes made with pricing and availability. The fact that she held onto the line through all of that and recruited a new partner (her long-time hair stylist Larry Sims) shows how committed she was to the idea, if not the initial execution. With the renewed focus and changes, the line could really take off.


Tyra Banks is taking over ABC’s Dancing With the Stars – with a producer credit. And she will be a solo host (so my Steve Harvey guess was way off). She also said to look out for big changes and I don’t know what that means. How much can a partnered dancing competition change? And what’s happening with ModelLand? There’s a website but the launch date has been pushed back because of the pandemic. 

I once saw a bumper sticker that read, “The more beans you eat the farter you go” and it was more dignified than this photo. 


Nothing but respect for MY Carrot Top.

So Chrissy Teigen is having a time on Twitter because of the conspiracy theory creeps, so she purged 60,000 tweets (so they would stop looking for things to send around) and has blocked one million accounts. One million. Obviously a lot of those are bots and coordinated attacks are a huge problem on Twitter (think back to Gamergate, which was a harassment campaign and also disgraceful template for how to scare, threaten, and intimidate women online). And while it’s easy to dismiss this as “mom’s basement” scum, there are a lot of women participating in the harassment, the kind of women who tout MLM essential oils as a cure for cancer and post about 5G in face masks, who are just as active as the men. How much longer until Chrissy just hits delete once and for all? Because yes you can ignore or block or mute, but there’s a point where you just can’t stand to be told you’re a child molester (they also, frequently, talk about her children this way). I wonder if this will finally prompt Twitter to do something because if she leaves the platform, it will be a huge story and it will affect them. It could also start a chain of events because if she leaves, who do the harassers move onto next?

Sometimes I will miss a microtrend on social media (I’m only human) and the one that’s confusing me right now is the cakes. You know the videos (Lainey mentioned them in What Else? a few days back). If, like me, you don’t understand the cakes, maybe the internet’s translator, Taylor Lorenz at the NYT, can help. Oh and here’s Dan Levy as cake (do not cut into him).