Miley Cyrus has wiped her Instagram. Personal or professional? I’m going with professional as her personal life has been very steady for the past year. Her last album, Younger Now, was released in September of 2017. Could it be new work? I hope so. I’d like to forget about Malibu. (There’s a lot of fan worry being expressed on Liam’s old posts – but he hasn’t deleted anything.)


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Nancy Meyers did an Instagram Story Q&A and when asked which of her films she would like to sequalize and she responded, “Something’s Gotta Give.” I cannot tell you how very into this idea I am. And Bobby Finger at Jezebel has pretty much outlined the entire thing and it sounds wonderful


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It’s cottage season for Cindy, Rande, Lisa and Harry Hamlin. (Do you think Amal has a pair of those Casamigos leggings?)


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Eminem has an ongoing “bad selfie” series. He often talks about how socially inept he is. What do you think his sexts are like? I mean if he’s this off-center….


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Jessica Biel’s restaurant, Au Fudge, is closing. I took a quick scroll through her Instagram and notice she hasn’t posted about it since December. She has focused her social media attention on The Sinner and her family. It’s paid off – she was nominated for an Emmy. 


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I was away when Katharine McPhee posted this, but let’s not forget how quick she was to confirm the engagement. To post details of how/when they got engaged. In my experience, people who engage in celebrity gossip are actually the most well-read and informed readers about many different subjects. No one is going to miss out on voting because they are distracted by a C-list singer’s engagement to a music producer on his fifth marriage. 



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