How we officially moved out of Lea Michele’s wedding photo post era? Pour one out for that Monique Lhuillier dress. She got a lot of miles out of it. (One throwback, for good measure.)


Jason Biggs apologized to Courtney Stodden (via DM) and they accepted and posted an acknowledgement of it. Sometimes it really is that simple.

Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr hanging out is not news because they have been friendly for a long time. This looks like an ideal situation, everyone hanging out amicably and the kids see that. Miranda’s husband Evan Spiegel is so private and I wonder if it’s weird for him, being surrounded not just by famous people, but three famous people who are really active on social media. He never pokes his head up. 


You don’t hear a lot about celebrity social media accounts getting hacked anymore (it used to be a big problem) and these days we are more aware of it, so when junky phishing content gets posted, a lot of us recognize it’s probably a compromised account. Variety journalist Kate Aurthur noticed Tatum O’Neal’s Twitter account looked odd so she followed the tweets, which led to this story of a crack Twitter investigator (@heymonster ), a “hairy-armed perpetrator” and an unnamed agent for Tatum who said they didn’t “have time for this right now.” 

Dean McDermott is getting mad at people asking about his wife and kids in the comments but this is a genuine question: when you’ve spent years doing reality TV as a family and integrating that into your career, do you get to be pissy about it? Where’s the line? Anyway, there are rumours swirling Tori and Dean are going to divorce but maybe they are hoping to secure an eight-part miniseries about it on Oxygen before they announce.


Nick Jonas shaved his face and looks like a tween?!!! I wonder if he’s going to be like a Paul Rudd or Rob Lowe, with the young face. He’s only 28 and I don’t think we can even start that conversation until 40. 

Does anyone watch Yellowstone? We were slow to get it in Canada (I believe it’s on Amazon Prime now) and the fourth season filming is caught up in COVID so no idea when it’s coming back. But I would like to talk about Luke Grimes, who is to Yellowstone what Charlie Hunnam was to Sons of Anarchy. Right? (Like Charlie, Luke doesn’t have Instagram – this is from his wife’s account.)

Kerry Washington posted a birthday tribute to Scott Foley using the wrong photo (it’s her other TV boyfriend, Tony Goldwyn). Now I got some emails about this and Lainey and I talked about it – this was done on purpose, right? Some people aren’t so sure and it made me have some slight doubts but… how? There is no way someone could mix these up (in my opinion, she definitely uses a social media team for her account). This had to be intentional thought. I think it’s her way of teasing Scandal fans and a very small sliver of subset of conspiracy-theory fandom who are convinced that she and Tony are in this treacherous, long-term affair (kind of like the Robsten truthers). 


Hazel Moder had her moment at Cannes and now can retreat back to her relatively anonymous life until she wants to do that again. I do wonder if her appearance is a sign she wants to go into the family business, which is filmmaking. Children born into the business have the obvious advantages (like access to directors, casting agents, screenwriters, other actors) but they also have the advantage of selectiveness. This is something Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson have both talked about it – they were never rushed to get started or to take parts they didn’t want because they didn’t have to. There’s always another opportunity around the corner, something better. For most actors, getting to a position where they can say “no” takes years, if it happens at all. But a select few are born on that level.