Wimbledon is extra stacked with celebrities this year and while it’s rarely good for gossip (everyone knows they are on display), Lainey is right. Ariana’s attendance meant something. She and her husband just announced their separation.


Eminem rarely leaves his house so for him to not only show up at Ed Sheeran’s Detroit concert but also take the stage? He stans.


I said Wimbledon is rarely good for gossip. I didn’t say “never.” Remember when Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were tense and she wiped a tear away? And he was like “are you serious” face. Low-key excellent public fight. 


Big power play behind the scenes in Hollywood as Francois-Henri Pinault is interested in a majority stake at CAA. He is already a billionaire and CEO of Kering, which owns many luxury brands. He has experience buying companies with their own identity (like Gucci) and allowing them to thrive both artistically and financially. Is Kering, which is actually a company that makes things and works with creatives at a high level, the better option than a private equity group? I’d be interested in hearing what this means from people who are not billionaires and don’t get rich off these types of deals. 


Bebe Rexha posted a DM from her (ex?) boyfriend in which her weight, and his, was a topic. She quickly deleted it. Maybe it was out of regret or maybe it was because some of the reaction was not what she was expecting. Weight is of course a touchy subject – it’s up there with religion, politics and money. But even if we put the content of the message aside, it’s another chance for me to mention a story I linked to last week by Delia Cai for Vanity Fair. What happens when a personal correspondence becomes public? 


The new version of The Real Housewives of New York has debuted (they replaced the entire cast, a first for Bravo) and the first fight is about a restaurant. A few women bailed on a dinner because the restaurant choice was cringe: “it’s not 2005 and I’m not a D-list model.” Bravo censored the name but the Bravo sleuths are on it, with many guessing Catch in the Meatpacking District. If this is the level of petty, this show will do well! I’m most excited about Jenna Lyon – look at her outfit choice here set against all the gowns, beautiful gowns. And the roses? She came to play and not in a Herve Leger bandage dress.