I haven’t bought a physical CD in years and I don’t think I could go back from streaming, but you know what I miss? Liner notes. Those personal, coded letters that artists used to include in their album or cassette tape or CD. We would spend hours pouring over those notes – it was analogue social media.

Jussie is making fun of Taraji’s wig.

Chloe Sevigny tagged Matt Dillon in a post which made me realize Matt Dillon has Instagram. Have we been sleeping on Matt Dillon? He still has that really pretty bone structure. How has he not been cast as a villain in a superhero movie yet.


Hanging with Abel in #barolo at #collisionifestival #abelferrara #italy

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That’s gonna be a no from me dawg.

I rarely pay attention to children that are not mine but Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale’s son is so adorable.


I hired a new business manager this week. He's good with numbers. #therock

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Hired one of those closet and cabinet organizers today. Really good at his job but questionable dress code. #therock

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Why didn’t Ashton just have his publicist contact the individual publications? They weren’t that widely spread.

Were Bella Hadid’s parents famous when she was growing up? They were certainly fame-adjacent and probably really well known in that LA circle, but I don’t think Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid were household names before reality TV, which coincided with their daughters’ rise to fame.

Emily Ratajowski’s Allure interview is making all kinds of headlines because of breasts. I read it and to me, I don’t understand the idea that she should have this prestigious career but is stuck being the “hot chick.” But but but… she likes politics and art, so she deserves more of our collective consideration! OK, let’s examine her work – beside Gone Girl, there’s Entourage and the weak Zac Efron DJ movie. There’s not a lot going on there. Unless I’m missing something? I don’t think she’s hindered by her looks, but rather the competition in her age range which includes Kristen Stewart, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Chloe Grace Moretz, Emilia Clarke, Saorise Ronan, Anna Kendrick, Carey Mulligan, the Mara sisters, Brie Larson – you get the idea.


Short hair @allure

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“It was a run by fruiting.” If you don’t know, I can’t explain it.


Summer mangoes Photo by @keelyshayebrosnan

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