“It hurts and it’s not OK.” Classic gossip moment, don’t fight me on it. Paris was recently in Mykonos but didn’t visit Lohan Beach House. That’s how you know these two genuinely dislike one another – it trumps the attention they’d get from posing for photos together. 


Vogue Japan must be extremely pleased with their timing right now. And I love this cover – they actually put her in something cool and stylized.


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As Lainey mentioned earlier today, Tina Knowles does not adhere to the typical Beygency rules on Instagram. She continued her “mamarazzi” ways with some behind-the-scenes grandchild videos. First up, it’s Blue the voice of reason: “Do you really know how to swim?” And Julez is a teenager, which explains why he loves this video. I laughed at it several times.


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Who is laughing at this?! How is this funny???? If Justin Timberlake were not famous, he’d be the most annoying guy in a Tuesday night improv class. 


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Mark Duplass got himself into a sh-tstorm on Twitter. Generally, online pile-ons are rarely helpful or justified. But why, WHY, did Mark Duplass choose to defend that particular person during this particular time?