My brain knows this is a reality TV show about an AI pop star (I think??) which is predictably gimmicky, but seeing Alanis Morissette on that panel is surprising. This is my thinking: every talent show needs hosts, so Nick Lachey and Rocsi Diaz make sense. has been on the tech wave for a long time and a musician, so a digital singing show seems like something he’d be into. Grimes is the fish-out-of-water wild card. But it’s Alanis who is the outlier – the voice of the 90s and empathetic rock star who seems so far removed from this kind of reality TV. How did she end up there? What is she thinking while she goes through the process?


Justin Bieber’s party outfit is giving me “villain from Karate Kid” vibes, which is great. 


Sharon Stone looks like she had the time of her life in Cannes. She posted a photo with her stylist, who she’s been with since 1992. Does that mean he’s responsible for the black Gap tee she wore to the Oscars and the white Gap button down shirt tucked into the lavender Vera Wang gown she wore also to the Oscars a couple of years later? Even though everything is called “iconic” now, that look really was iconic. Celebrities have entire teams of people and spend months working with design houses on gowns to capture just an ounce of that. Think of how many thousands of red carpet looks we’ve been exposed to over the years, most of them forgettable. Those two outfits were from 1996 and 1998 and we still remember it even though the top half probably cost $40. That is style. 

Still tracking the Succession crew – J. Smith Cameron is in Italy and Nicholas Braun is in Monaco, which I’m guessing means they’ve wrapped and gone their separate ways? There was a DeuxMoi tip that Jeremy Strong (Kendall) was in the Hamptons, where he sometimes stays at Robert Downey Jr.’s house. Jeremy is super intense and kind of method and has said that he likes to go deep into preparation and isolation when he’s filming, so it seems unlikely that he’d hang out in the Hamptons in the middle of filming. 


This is interesting book adaption news: Luckiest Girl Alive is set to move forward at Netflix with Mila Kunis as a producer/star. I absolutely loved this book and when it first came out, Reese Witherspoon secured the rights (way back in 2015) for Pacific Standard, but looking through the latest update, Hello Sunshine (her umbrella company) and name aren’t attached. It could be because Reese and Bruna Papandrea were partners for four years at Pacific Standard and split after Big Little Lies 2, with Reese moving on to focus on Hello Sunshine and Papandrea now still working on this film and many others. So maybe in their creative divorce, Bruna got Luckiest Girl Alive and The Favorite Sister (also by Jessica Knoll, which would make for an amazing miniseries). 

It’s safe to assume that Britney Spears has control over her Instagram as this is the first time she’s mentioned her dad directly, right? And her family. Basically she is putting them all on notice. Her coattails are all worn out. 


Can someone please translate this for me? I’m not even kidding. (Also, NSFW language, I think?)