Even Serena, who is still working on the court, gets stuck in bed sometimes. When I was pregnant I called this the Teletubby phase.

Busy Philipps is co-hosting a new podcast about health called “We’re No Doctors.” Basically she and Steven Agee talk about medical issues they know nothing about and all the times they thought they would die from minor ailments. It sounds fun actually.

Naomi Watts interrupts David Lynch while he meditates.


Chatting with my buddy Dave ❤️#davidlynch #twinpeaks #dougie #nuffsaid

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Jennifer Lawrence is bouncing back from the flu. Why is a kid-transmitted flu so much more vile than the regular flu?

In more Tom Cruise/Alec Baldwin news, Alec has recently signed on for NBC’s live production of A Few Good Men. He’ll be playing Col. Jessup – how hard is going to chew on “You can’t handle the truth!” He needs to tap that “rude thoughtless little pig” level of rage.


Shooting in the UK w TC, Angela Bassett, Henry Cavill. This is when moviemaking is fun.

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I just checked and Ryan Seacrest is listed as 5’8”, officially. I’m guessing it’s more like… 5’6”? I’m short, so riding the train means being nose-level with armpits and getting a face full of backpack on the regular. Because no one thinks the ‘take your backpack off on a crowded train’ rule applies to them. Is it a magical backpack that takes up no space? Is that what they tell themselves?


You haven't lived until you've been upright spooned by a stranger with sweaty pits in a crowded subway

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Clueless is 22. So older than Josh, right? I never quite grasped how old he was, or maybe I missed it. Was he too old too date a high schooler? Oh the 90s.

It’s funny that Lena Dunham’s avid online haters think Ryan Murphy gives a f-ck that they will “never watch American Horror Story again.” Do people think this is a convincing argument, like their anonymous Twitter account will get her fired?

How many threesomes do you think John Stamos has had in his life? I would guess quite a few. He strikes me as a threesome kind of guy. And afterwards he calls them an uberPOOL home.


And I like riding white horses into the ocean, barefoot.

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