Every kind of anniversary is celebrated on social media, every milestone is marked. But this one – the anniversary of being caught cheating – is a new one. This has to be a first, right? Oh and they are in the process of auditioning for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so this is exactly the right move if they want to get cast. 


Lil Nas X is going to be a big brother!

“Gogo” is an airy version of Grandmother. Goldie is such a Gogo. This sent me down a rabbit hole and, according to one poll, only 10% of grandparents go by “grandma and grandpa.” Then I went to the Wiki page and beyond the grandparents, there are step-grandparents and cultural names and then a long list of options like gran, gammy, mee-maw, pawpaw… it’s a very case-by-case situation. Gen X’ers are the next generation of grandparents and I wonder what the most popular version will be? This is probably a conversation I should be having with Duana. 


There is nothing funny about the Johnny Depp libel trial happening, but I would very much like to know Leonardo DiCaprio’s reaction to Johnny nicknaming him “Pumpkin Head.” I’ve only seen Leo once in person and I don’t remember his head being particularly pumpkin-ish. Channing Tatum was allegedly nicknamed Potato Head and Jim Sturgess was Jim Turd Sturgess. That’s not even a nickname, it’s just calling someone a turd. 

Wasn’t there a rumour for a quick minute that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were dealing with each other? It was never confirmed and, for me, this ad is not a confirmation. In fact, it makes me think that they didn’t date and are just friends, which is why she included him in her Fenty Skin ad. Also, his skin. 


Jen Atkins, the most influential hairdresser in Hollywood, gave Miles a fresh look. It’s rumoured she charges $1100 a cut but since they are vacationing together, this one was probably free. Or maybe she has a kids rate: $750.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from Modern Family) has a new cookbook coming out that he tagged with this meal #highsandlows – this is chicken fingers and ranch dip served alongside caviar. I know the high refers to the caviar and the low to chicken, but making a batch of crispy homemade chicken fingers is hard! It takes ingredients and breading and thermometers. Caviar is easy, it comes in a container ready to serve.